Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Messiah Question

My mom called me today.  She's been at a Women of Faith conference in Vancouver, BC with my aunt, and some other friends.
One of those friends studies Hebrew at her local synagogue.  Mom asked her questions about what she studies, what she believes, what Jews study, what Jews believe.  Then she called me.  She wanted to know what I'm being taught, and what I believe.

I halfway chickened out.

I told her that I'm still learning, and that I believe in God.  She pressed the issue, saying that forgiveness only comes through Christ and the cross, and if they're teaching me things that are making me waver in my faith that I should stop going.

I told her that I still have my faith.

I told her that I haven't asked the question of why Jews don't believe that Christ was the Messiah, which is kind of a lie, but kind of the truth, too.  I told her that I wasn't sure how it all worked, but that I was enjoying learning, but haven't made it to the prophesies yet, and why Jews don't believe Jesus fulfilled all the prophesies.

She said that her friend told her that he didn't fulfill them all, but that he would when he returns.  Even though that's the conclusion I reached myself, that's the first time I've heard it form anybody else.  I think that the Messiah will fulfill all the prophesies, and when he does, he earns the title.  Jesus just might be that person, but he'll have to wait until he comes back to finish the job, I guess.

I don't know about the forgiveness part, though.  I feel like I should have an answer for that, but I don't.  I'll have to ask the Rabbi, when we get through with talking about mourning.

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