Saturday, May 17, 2008

Service 5-17-2008

I've made it about halfway though my Hebrew alphabet book so far.  There's still a lot that I have to learn about how to phonetically read Hebrew, but it was fun to practice at service this morning.  I tried really hard to follow along with the rest of the congregation, based on what I know so far.
I had a hard time keeping up, but it felt really good to try.  Knowing just the little bit that I've got so far makes it a little bit like being in kindergarten again, but I've certainly come a long way in only a week!

I'm really excited to finish learning the sounds, and even more excited to learn what all the words mean.  It's going to be really gratifying.  I'll feel less like a stranger in a strange land, and much more like a Jew.

My Rabbi also noticed the tattoo on my foot for the first time today.  He didn't say anything about it being against halacha.  He just said that he'd never seen one on a foot before and asked if it hurt.  I was kind of half worried about that.

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