Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have a date

At our meeting yesterday, my rabbi and I set a date for my conversion. Well, not really a date, more of a range of dates which will hopefully work for everybody involved.

I want to do it on Shavuot. Or at least near Shavuot. We will talk about it more next month, because there are logistics to work out. Like, which creek will I mikveh in, and who will be my attendant.

I know last year they did an all night study session for Shavuot. It would be really cool to incorporate my naming ceremony in to that. Or have it after the megilla reading, maybe. We'll see.

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Zohara bat Sarah said...

Mazel tov! If you need help/advice/support/companionship with any of this, let me know. Also, I am scheduled to have a free Shabbat dinner around Shavuot time, if you want to be involved and maybe make it a party for you, let me know.