Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Plan

For the next year or so, I'll be taking a conversion class.  My Rabbi refers to it as "Intro to Judaism".  Since it's going to be a personal and spiritual journey, keeping a journal just makes sense to me.  Because I'm the kind of girl who finds comfort in research, I've scoured the internet for information about Jewish conversion.  A lot of what I've found so far tends toward the technical, what-to-expect, bland description.  I'm hoping to change that a bit.

This blog will be my personal experiences with conversion.  I'll try to keep it from being all about soul-searching and navel-gazing, because I don't think those things really help (or interest) anybody.  My intention is for this to be a series of posts about what I've learned.  You'll probably see summaries of discussions from conversion class, and probably some book reports for the Rabbi's suggested reading.

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